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About Heart Stars

children-and-young-peoples-conference-picWe here at Heart Stars believe that people can reach the stars when we reach their heart. We take this philosophy into our work everyday within the community as we work with children from every background, race, culture, and religion and teach them basic skills. We spend time with children from families that are together and those that have been torn apart.

One of the main things we see in our community with children is the diversity of options with schooling. Most of the children we work with are from the public school system. Close to twenty percent go to a private school of some sort. Around eight percent of the children in our community are home schooled.

Each year when we start up our community classes, we have parents approach us to ask about the best schooling option for their child or children. There is no one size fits all when it comes to school for the children, though. That’s why we started this site, to help parents see the options available and make the decision that best fits the needs of their family.

We hope you will be able to glean some good information from this site to help you decide on the schooling option that is best for your family.