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Getting Back into the Swing of School

December 30, 2016 • Joel Dixon

There are many things that you, as a parent, can do to help your child get ready for school to start back up physically, emotionally, and mentally. No matter their age, they need a little head start in getting ready to go back after a long Christmas break. Now is the time to get started with preparing them.

school-bus-winterIf your children are like most, they have spent their entire break so far staying up late at night and sleeping in in the mornings. They have probably also been eating a bunch of sugary junk that also throws off their system. Now that school is about to start back up for them, it is time to get them back on a schedule to prepare them to get back to the grind.

Have your child start going to bed a little earlier and get up a little earlier each day until school starts back to get their bodies back in the rhythm of things. Keep doing this until their bed time and wake time are in sync with what they need to be for school. You will also need to start weaning them back off the sugar they have been consuming. Their bodies need to get back on schedule, too, with a healthy diet.

Now that Christmas is over, it is time to get their young minds back into gear and ready to learn again. Bring out the pencils and paper, as well as some good reading books, and start exercising their brain. Spend at least thirty minutes a day working their minds this way to help them be ready for school to come back in session.

Check online with your school for any notes that have been posted over the winter break. It’s possible that your child may need more supplies for the last part of the year. Each class will likely have their own page with the things they need listed. You will want to send your child to school with everything they need from the start so they can jump right back into their education.

By following these simple tips, your child should be all ready for heading back to school after the winter break!


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