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The Kitchen Tiles Are Dirty. Let’s Clean Them!

May 10, 2017 • Joel Dixon

Chances are, you have got tiled floors or tiled back splashes in the kitchen or canteen. That stuff between your tiles is called grout and over time, it does get quite grimy. Because of it’s texture and is often overlooked, people are challenged with knowing the best ways for cleaning tile grout. Don’t worry though, with the correct cleaning product and some elbow grease, your grout will be looking fresh and new again in no time! Below are a few pointers.

So how does it get so grimy?

Understanding why your tile grout gets so dirty will be helpful to you when deciding on a good grout cleaner. In your kitchen, it’s usually a mixture of food stains, splashes of fat from the pan, and of course mildew. No matter how bad the stain is, starting off with a simple and low acidic based solution is a good idea. You can then move up to the harsher chemical cleaners then if you are still not having any luck with completely removing the grout dirt.

The level of stain?

Depending on the extent of your stains, you might be able to use household cleaning products. However, for tougher stains like mildew, you might want to go for a heavier chemical option. The key is to know what your options are before you take on the task!

Cleaning products for commercially tiled environments

Should your tile grout not become completely clean after a good intensive clean on it, then the next step would be to try out commercial tile and grout cleaning products. You can typically find these in stores where you can buy the usual household cleaning products. Try to find a product with a balanced Ph so as not to erode your grout over time. For best results from using commercial cleaning products, spray them onto the grout surface and allow them to sit for a couple of minutes before you start scrubbing. Follow any instructions written not eh product’s label to get a good effective clean. Alternatively, if you are looking for a professional job done check out the tile & grout cleaning livermore.

Generic grout cleaning products

Typical household products or the powder-based cleaners can do a good cleaning job on grout. Use them as directed. For vinegar or baking soda, ensure that you rinse your grout thoroughly after cleaning or you may leave a residue and/or stench. Alternatively, if you have a steam cleaning machine, you could try using it on your grout work. Pressure from the steam cleaning machine loosens up any debris and stains that typical cleaning products can’t get rid of by themselves.

cleaning tiles in the kitchen

How to keep your grout clean for longer!

Once the grout is totally clean, you can keep it fresh looking by using some grout sealer on it. Use one or two coats of it. There are a number of these on the market for different settings, e.g., bathroom floor or kitchen wall tiles. Ensure that you get the appropriate type of sealer for the room you need to work on. Do an annual application of grout sealer to keep it topped up or as you see necessary.

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