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The Private School Advantage

January 10, 2017 • Joel Dixon

There are many reasons why private schools are better than public schools for most people. One of the big reasons is the more individualized attention that the students get. Usually, when a child gets more attention, they tend to do their work better. Students are also given more time in private schools, usually, to absorb the subject matter because the teacher has less students to work with at a time. Public schools are put at a disadvantage because they lack in the area of methods for individual education. Teachers have to rush through material to quickly move to the next subject because of the pressure from the government. Since private schools don’t have to follow the same guidelines, they are able to ensure each child is caught up on the lesson before they move on.

istock_000011752744xsmallTo teachers, private schools tend to be a better option as well. With less politics in the classroom, there is more room for them to educate the students. This is why most teachers started teaching in the first place, to help students actually understand the subject matter, not be taught things they have to repeat back for a test. Private schools are usually not required to participate in any of the standardized tests that the public schools have to.

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